Numerical Methods in Fluid Dynamics

Research work in

C omputational
F luid
D ynamics

has been undertaken in the following areas:

1. Numerical analysis of collapsing bubbles in water
(Sonoluminescence in water)

2. Numerical simulation of the Taylor-Couette flow between counterrotating cylinders
(Effect of spiral turbulence)

3. 3D shock focusing effects on parallel computers
(Exploding spherical gas volume in a cube)

4. Curvature of shocks around accelerated, elongated bodies moving at supersonic speed

5. Evolution of the vortical motion behind a shock wave moving over a ramp

6. Numerical simulation of drop impingement on a liquid surface

7. Numerical investigation of sound emission by a burning falling drop
(Flamefront behavior behind a burning polyethylene drop)

8. Stability analysis of the Taylor-Couette-problem using spectral methods